Terms of Service

Effective Date: December 1, 2019

Welcome to visit or use Pilih Kredit APP.

By accessing or using the Pilih Kredit application ("Application") including information or product requests that are listed and provided in the Pilih Kredit mobile application (together called "Services"), you hereby agree that you have read, understood and accepted and agree to these Terms and Conditions ("Terms of Use") and state that these Terms of Use have been submitted to you in Indonesian language which is simple and can be understood by you. You also agree to abide by and be bound by these Terms of Use including but not limited to the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, FAQs, and other existing and related terms. If you do not agree with any of the contents of this contract, or if you cannot accurately understand the contents of the provisions, do not follow up including but not limited to accepting this agreement or using services based on this agreement. If not, you have accepted the Terms of Use and stated agreeing to be bound by this Agreement, you may not claim that this Agreement is invalid or request to revoke this Agreement without reading the contents of this Agreement.

1 Definition

In this provision, unless agreed otherwise in a specific provision, all series words or terms refer to the meaning explained in this provision.
1.1 "we" are the owner and manager of the Pilih Kredit
1.2 "you" application is anyone who accesses and uses the services that we provide.
1.3 "Services" are all services and information contained in the Pilih Kredit application, not limited to information, services and application features, data support that we provide.
1.4 "User" means any person who accesses and uses the services we provide, including unregistered users and registered users.
1.5 "Registered Users" are people who access and use the services we provide and have registered to have an account.
1.6 "Third Party" means any third party, including but not limited to individuals, third party companies, governments and other entities.
1.7 "Profile" is the personal data used by users and is part of the user's basic information.
1.8 "Personal Information" is all personal data provided by users in our application, such as telephone numbers and names.
1.9 "Content" means text, data, information, numbers, images, graphics, photos, audio, videos, user names, information, applications, links, comments, ratings, designs, or other information displayed on the application.

2 Products or services

We show you every detail of financial products provided by third parties, which allows you to view, research and compare this information as quickly as possible.
2.1 The information contained in our application is displayed in accordance with the actual situation of third parties for reference to users. We always try to provide and display the latest and most accurate information, but we do not guarantee that all information will meet your needs or other needs.
2.2 Information in this application is intended to help you choose certain products or services that fit your needs. You will not assume that this application can be used as financial advice. You are fully responsible for any decision for the selection of third party products and services by you, and are fully responsible for the behavior of signing a contract regarding third party products or services.
2.3 The services we provide do not have the strength of attraction or legal ties, and do not require you to follow the information provided. You will decide all your behavior to deliver product information in the application. Therefore, there are no circumstances that can cause us to be responsible for any damage you have suffered.
2.4 We reserve the right to display, change, delete or add any content displayed in this application at any time.

3 Services and Use of services

With your behavior continuing to use or access this application, you have stated and guaranteed that:
3.1 You can only access this application for personal and non-commercial purposes, which means that only individuals or companies seeking products or services such as this application for their needs individuals or companies who can access and use this application directly.
3.2 You cannot use the application under the following conditions:
  • Injuring, torturing, humiliating, defaming, gossiping, threatening, fearing or screwing another person or company, or any behavior that violates privacy or that we consider to be obscene, insulting, hateful, indecent, inappropriate, inappropriate, indecent, unable accepted, discriminated against or damaging.
  • Taking illegal practices, fraud, or commercial behavior.
  • Violate the rights of others, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, propaganda and other ownership rights.
  • Create, check, update, change or improve your or other people's databases, records or directories.
  • Any changes or reinstallations that will disrupt or overburden our communication systems and technology.
  • Use a program or system that replaces screen capture processes with computer code, processes, programs, robots, web crawlers, spiders, data processing, or computer codes.
  • Violation of terms and conditions or other instructions Pilih Kredit APP.
3.3 We are not responsible for damage caused by failure to access the application and how to use the application in our control.
3.4 We are not responsible for loss or damage caused by termination of service when you access or use the application. This includes loss of anticipated savings, loss of business or business opportunity, loss of income or profits, or any loss or damage that you must experience as a result of using the application.

4 Intellectual property

Any intellectual property rights contained in this application are ours. Any or all information in this application, material and content, including but not limited to, software, text, data, graphics, images, audio, video, logos, icons, or HTML codes and other codes without our permission, is prohibited in the area outside the application in any way releasing, modifying, copying, or modifying. Those who violate their rights may apply to be dealt with according to applicable laws and regulations.
You can only use information or content in this application for personal or non-commercial use. Unless copyright law has express conditions or expressly permits such behavior, users are prohibited from copying, forwarding, distributing, or applying commercial exploitation of downloads without permission from the intellectual property owner.

5 Other links

Our application may provide links to pages that refer or direct you to third-party web pages, including links to certain product search results pages. You already know and understand and agree that we are not responsible for the content and other material contained in these third-party links. You are responsible for the risk of accessing and using links to third parties. You are also advised to read and understand the terms and conditions that apply to third party links.

6 Member Rules (registered user)

In addition to displaying information about finance and / or financial products, we also provide membership to you on behalf of the user. You can view your history such as downloads and find products that match your profile.
6.1 Before becoming our member (or registered user), you must create an account for yourself. The account creation process can be done through the Pilih Kredit application.
6.2 Before becoming a registered user, you must read, understand and comply with the terms and conditions and the Privacy Policy that applies to this application.
6.3 You need to provide true and effective and actual contact information, not provide abnormal or irrelevant information during the registration process to become a registered user.
6.4 We will not allow registration requests for users who do not meet the requirements or provide incorrect and effective information. We reserve the right to cancel the membership of a registered user if someone's behavior violates our subsequent conditions.
6.5 Users who have successfully entered the registration process and become registered users can access member related information at any time through our application.
6.6 All registered users must comply with the terms and conditions that apply in this request and may not take the actions described in point 3 in applying for membership or social media participation.

7 General description

7.1 Use and access of this application is subject to our terms and privacy policy. By accessing or using the application or information, you are seen as having understood and agreed to and bound by all terms and conditions that apply in this application.
7.2 We reserve the right to close, change or update these terms and conditions at any time without notice to the user. If there is no difference, we have the right to make a final decision. We are not responsible for losses caused by changes to the terms and conditions.
7.3 If you still need answers about what is not covered by these terms and conditions, you can contact us by e-mail.
7.4 Apart from that, you can also read Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and we are ready to answer common questions.

8 Contact us

If you want to contact us for more details about our products, let us know.
E-mail: support@pilihkredit.id