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Estrend's founding and management team have rich experience in the fin-tech industry in many countries including the Philippines and India. Now Estrend has also been present in Indonesia.
Vision: Being to compare the largest information financial products in Indonesia.
Mission: Help more people get simple, transparent and effective financial services.

Job responsibilities
business manager

Job content
  • Be responsible for establishing supermarket loan channels and maintaining relationships;
  • Introduce the products to Party A;
  • Collect, manage and analyze various markets, cooperation channels, competition information, understand and summarize market feedback and adjust business strategies and quotations suitable for the market;
  • Be responsible for Party A's product contract management and follow-up process;
  • Be responsible for Party A's settlement and payment statistics.
Job description
  • Business graduates or other graduates, preferably with internet docking experience;
  • Must be able to master an English or Mandarin language, preferably a Mandarin speaking language.
  • Have good communication and coordination ability, can provide effective and professional feedback to channels, and support and coordinate with departments and agencies;
  • Good team spirit and can work under pressure.

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