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Pilih Kredit is an application for financial product information and comparison services in Indonesia.

Help us access information about financial services quickly, easily and accurately.

Help you access information about financial services quickly, easily, and accurately.

Compare products

Compare online loan products based on your needs.

Complete and accurate information

Such as online loan interest calculation, loan period, online loan terms and more.

Download loan products

Select the loan product that suits your needs and click the "Download" button to download.

Easy, secure and fast online lending!
Easy to use, just 3 steps!

Select loan amount, download application

Easily compare loan products with reference to detailed product descriptions such as loan interest calculations, loan periods, online loan terms, and more. Choose the loan product that meets your needs and download the application.

Fill in the required information

Apply for a loan that meets your needs. Fill out a simple form in less than 3 minutes and send it for quick viewing!

Waiting for validation data, remittance to account

The loan will be immediately and easily sent to your bank account! And make sure you pay it back for a more attractive loan.