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1. How to apply for a loan?
Pilih Kredit is a loan product aggregation platform that integrates many loan products registered or licensed in OJK. Compare loan products, download selected applications, fill in the required information, and you will quickly and easily process the required funds.
2. What's the minimun age required to apply for a loan?
The minimum age allowed to apply for a loan is 18.
3.How much can I borrow?
Each loan application available on the application provides a different amount of loan. From IDR 200.000 to IDR 20 million.
4. Can I borrow money if I don't have a credit card?
You don't need a credit card to apply for a loan.
5. Do I need a mortgage?
The loans provided are unsecured loans.
6. What information is required to apply for a loan?
All you have to do is prepare your ID card information, employment status, and domicile.
7. Can I borrow if I don't have a bank account?
Sorry, you must have a bank account to receive the loan funds you have submitted.
8. Can students / entrepreneurs / housewives borrow money?
For some loan applications provide loan opportunities for students / entrepreneurs / housewives with certain income.
9.Can I apply for a second loan?
You can apply for a second loan after paying off the first loan.
1. How do I know if my loan is approved?
You can check the loan status in your loan application, and some applications will also send notifications via SMS in the form of approving or rejecting the loan you submitted.
2. Why is my loan application rejected?
Each loan request available in the application will display your credit status in order to determine whether your proposed loan has been approved or rejected. In addition, please make sure that the information you provide is correct, complete and can be verified by the loan application.
3.Why is the data validation process difficult?
You can follow the instructions required in the loan application that will be submitted and ensure that the data provided is clear, complete, and can be verified correctly.
4. Why has the loan been approved but funds have not yet arrived?
Generally disbursement of funds takes 2x24 hours from when you receive a notification that your loan is approved.
5.How to repay after borrowing?
You will receive a text message, an email, or see how the payment method is applied to the loan you submitted.
6.What are the payment methods?
Payment methods provided by each loan application can be different using bank transfer, mobile banking, internet banking, or in the mini market in collaboration with the loan application that you are proposing.
7. Can it be paid off before it expires?
You can repay your loan before maturity by following the terms and conditions of the loan application that you submit.
8. Can I pay in installments?
Loan repayments depend on each loan application and the loan term you submit, either directly or in installments.
9. What if the payment is overdue?
For payments that are due, it will be fined according to the loan application policy that you submitted.
10. What's the interest rate on the loan when it's due?
For this it depends on how long you have crossed the loan due date you have applied for and depends on the policies and regulations of each loan application.
1.Why did nothing happen / freeze / error after clicking "download and borrow"?
You can try to update the application first, and if the problem persists, you can email support@pilihkredit.id for problem support.
2. What if the registered mobile phone fails to receive the verification code?
You can request the verification code again and make sure your network operator is stable.
3.What if the application stops automatically?
Make sure you have enough memory to run the application, clear the memory cache, and then run the application again.

4. Why can't I open the app?
Relevant restrictions encountered. Have you completed the latest updates from the application? Please update first, if problems still occur in your application. Please report the details of your problem support@pilihkredit.id.